Noted producer and former Cash Money Records artist Mannie Fresh may have his issues with his former label home, but if the price is right Mannie revealed that he’d be all for a Hot Boys reunion. There’s been the occasional chatter about a possible reunion of the group, with the most recent talk of a reunion coming from Turk, but Mannie revealed that he’d only be present if a “big, hot check” was waiting.

The Southern beatsmith recently shared his thoughts on a possible Hot Boys reunion with and explained exactly why money is so important in the matter.

“It might happen without me. You know what I’m saying? It would take a big, hot check for me to be there. That’s all I’m telling you. Maybe he [Turk] got something in mind that he wants to do, but I’m curious to see how that plays out,” Mannie explained. “Because from what I understand he has some issues with Cash Money…It’s just more so of you just gotta pay people. It’s not like it’s a hard concept, like it can never happen or whatever. You’ve got rockers that go on stage and it’ll be like, ‘I hate you and I hate you. And I’ll see your ass in Cincinnati tomorrow.’ And what makes it all better is, ‘You know what, I’m getting my money. You getting your money. We cool.’ That’s the whole bottom line.”

Mannie Fresh also spoke on Cash Money stifling a deal he secured with Def Jam and commented on working with fellow artist Juvenile again.

“It kinda comes down to the microwave era of what I’m saying now,” the producer explained when asked about making an album similar to 400 Degreez. “I think Juve is a great artist, but you gotta be patient enough to wanna sit there and do it like that. I don’t think we would never top 400 Degreez, but to come close to it it’s gonna take some time. It’s not a session where you can just do that overnight.”

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