Lil’ Kim has filed a $1 million suit against a lawyer and businessman, claiming that she was convinced to sign a series of bad licensing agreements.

According to NYDN, the Queen Bee sued Sunny Barkats and Andrew Ro for having her sign the agreements. She claims that Barkats tricked her into entering transactions that gave him and Ro a 44 percent stake in a corporation formed to license her brand names. After confronting him about the deals in December, Kim claims that Barkats refused to rescind them and called the suit a “frivolous” attempt for her to back out of the contracts.

Kim’s financial matters have been documented in the past. In February 2012, the IRS claimed that she owed $1,026,862.42 in unpaid taxes.

The Notorious B.I.G. protege was recently in the news after her publicist battled claims that she distorted her face with plastic surgery. She is also reportedly working on new music, having hit the studio with TimbalandWyclef Jean and Rockwilder.

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