Fans of A Tribe Called Quest will have to keep holding their breath for a reunion record.

During an interview with Montreality, Ali Shaheed Muhammad said that the group hasn’t discussed collaborating on another LP, even though the reaction to the documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life has conveyed that there is interest in a reunion album.

“We talk about it, especially with the documentary,” he said. “I think it stirred up conversations – not within the group, but just with the fans really wanting to see another record. But we haven’t talked about, so no plans.

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In a previous interview with Montreality, Phife Dawg echoed the same sentiment, stating that the group is “really far away” from collaborating on another record. “As far as Tribe, we’re really, really far away from doing a joint effort right now,” he said. “But basically, I’d love to do it for the fans’ sake because that’s really what it’s all about. So keep your fingers crossed, you never know.”

As far back as 2008, Q-Tip insisted that a reunion would never happen. “It will never, ever happen. We don’t want to be one of those groups that comes back 15 years later and puts out an album that’s not that good. It’s why the Beatles never got back together,” he said.

Watch the interview below.

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