In late January, Big Daddy Kane released “28 Bars Of Kane” as part of the Nike/Jordan XX8 song series. Produced by Gang Starr’s DJ Premier, the effort was the latest in almost 19 years of collaborative history dating back to 1994’s “Show & Prove” (featuring Jay-Z, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Shyheim, Sauce Money and Scoob Lover) from Daddy’s Home. Speaking with HipHopDX last week, Kane explained the significance of the new recordings. “To get with [DJ Premier] again and do somethin’ again was beautiful.”

Kane continued, revealing that the fan response to the sponsored song encouraged the pair to consider a greater union. “Matter of fact, after [“28 Bars Of Kane”] got out and we saw how much people was tweeting, and talkin’ about it on Facebook, he hollered back at me and said, ‘Yo, after everything dies down with the [Las Supper Back To The Future] project, we need to do an album together.’ I said, ‘Let’s make it happen.'” According to Kane, “That’s something that’s gonna be in the works for later on this year.” At this time, Kane has not provided a title for the project.

The pair have worked sporadically since 1994, also making “Any Type Of Way,” a single in the early 2000s. Additionally, Kane appeared on Premier-produced songs by Big L and Just-Ice. Kane championed the producer’s sound in saying, “Premo is one of those producers that I’ve always had a lot of respect for. I’ve always thought that he’s just extremely talented. More importantly, he’s one of those dudes that just sticks to his formula, like if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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On March 26th, Big Daddy Kane’s Soul/R&B project by Las Supper, Back To The Future will release.

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