For quite some time, talk of a collaborative album between rappers J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar has run rampant, but as of late there hasn’t been much chatter about a possible project from the duo. While appearing on Hartford, Connecticut’s HOT 93.7 earlier today (February 28th), J. Cole assured fans that the album with Kendrick is in fact “still happening.”

The Carolina rapper also spoke on his relationship with Kendrick and revealed that working with the TDE emcee is a lot like working with a cousin.

“Yeah, that’s still happening,” Cole revealed in a video posted on “We got in a few times. Last time we got in was months ago though, but we will. We’ll finish that. It’s incredible. It’s like working with my little cousin man. It’s dope…There’s not a lot of fronting involved with either of us. I feel like that’s the new wave.”

Prior to speaking on his collaborative project with Kendrick, J. Cole briefly touched on his upcoming album Born Sinner and any worries he has for his sophomore effort.

“Commercially, I just hope it’s successful again. I hope it’s even more successful. I hope it crushes it in terms of sales and critical acclaim. So I just want those two things to happen…If it blows up like I want it to then that’ll determine how big the tour is,” Cole explained. “Of course we’re gonna go everywhere, but I wanna do certain things at the shows that require a certain budget.”

Born Sinner is currently set for release this summer.

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