In December of 2012, Wu-Tang Clan member Masta Killa released his fourth solo album, Selling My Soul. The Nature Sounds Records release included appearances by Kurupt and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. The Staten Island, New York native recently revealed to that he is next planning on tacking a new genre: Reggae.

“I’m a fan of music first, so I have many songs. I can formulate and create and bring a world into existence,” began the veteran emcee. “I have a Reggae project that I had in the wings for a minute as I’m always working. Since the ‘One Blood’ from [Wu-Tang Clan’s] The W album, I’ve always loved the Reggae music and I’ve always worked with different Reggae artists. So doing that Reggae album was always in the making, but timing is everything.”

The Nature Sounds artist elaborated, “I just thought it was too soon for that Reggae album. I didn’t feel I had enough Hip Hop albums under my belt solo wise yet. Group-wise, you know I’m everywhere. I’m on everybody’s album as far as my family, as far as the Wu-Tang [Clan] and all of that. But solo wise, I wanted to bring a little bit more, as far as Hip Hop is concerned, before I actually did the Reggae thing.”

While Masta Killa provided “no said date” as to when he’ll be releasing the Reggae project, other emcees such as the late Heavy D, and most recently Snoop Dogg have made similar genre transitions. In the rest of the KN interview, M.K. speaks about Selling My Soul, as well as recent Wu collaborative projects.

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