Trinidad James is on a roll, as the young rapper continues making his media rounds.

Speaking to DJ Whoo Kid, the internet’s latest sensation was asked about his take on Spike Lee’s boycotting of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained over its use of the N-word – specifically, how he would react if faced with similar criticism from Spike.

“I would like him to at least have a conversation with me personally before he [counted the number of times I said the N-word],” said James. “Meet me and see the type of person that I am, because I got the utmost respect for him.”

“It’s not like I was doing it to go against him, because I don’t even know,” he explained. “So for him to hear mine and go against me, that’d be kind of backwards. We’re supposed to try and help each other as black people. I don’t know him, so I wouldn’t do nothing to offend him; but if he heard my song, and then boycotted me…that’d be kinda crazy. But like I said, I hope he’d talk to me first before something crazy like that happened. Because it would make no sense.”

As rappers are wont to do, James turned the conversation to address his realness, lest he be mistaken for someone less-than-authentic. “The only thing I can tell you is that I might be the most…put-everything-on-the-table type of guy that ever came into the game.”

“You either gonna hate me for what you know, or you gonna fuck with me forever,” he added. “Because I don’t want you to fuck with me with some shit that I fabricated, and then you find out, you hate me worse than anyone who already hated me… and I lose everybody. And [then] I’m walking around here working at Wal-Mart.”

Listen to the interview below: 

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