Things heated up on Twitter yesterday between Azealia Banks and Angel Haze, with the latter quickly releasing a scathing diss track titled “On the Edge.”

Azealia has continued to address the issue, digging around the file information on the track and discovering that it may have been recorded in 2012. “@angelhaze and u said u made it in 20 mins!!! it was recorded in 2012!!! plan your publicity stunts better!” she wrote, including this picture:


Haze, who said it was recorded in 20 minutes, responded that her rhymes were written after the Twitter fight, but explained that the the beat itself was made in 2012 – hence the year on the track information.

After retweeting a few disses from fans, Banks said that she communicated with Diplo, who produced the diss, and confirmed that the track had in fact been recorded months ago.

Haze is yet to respond. Banks says that she “used that energy” to write a new song, “No Problems,” releasing today at noon EST.

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