Prior to today’s release of his newest mixtape, Folarin, Maybach Music spitter Wale chopped it up with HOT 97 personality Peter Rosenberg about his newly-released project, his next solo album, and responding to negative criticism.

Serving as what Wale referred to as “a culmination of every mixtape” he’s released in his career, the D.C. rapper went on to explain that fans may want to savor Folarin since his next solo album will be made for himself and the project after will be a Go-Go album.

Folarin mixtape is really a culmination of every mixtape that I’ve ever had, together,” Wale revealed. “Because the album they might not be so lucky. I wanna do the album for me. This is the second time I’m announcing it, but I’m doing a Go-Go album after my album. And when I say Go-Go I don’t mean like cheesy Go-Go. It’s gonna be sequenced. It’s gonna be me probably rapping only 40-percent on the album, but getting the sound out.”

Wale also addressed his reactions to negative criticism, stating that he cares highly about the opinions of fans especially since his music goes through so many different “layers” before it’s released.

“One of the things [people] don’t understand is the only reason why I give a fuck is because I give a fuck. You know what I’m saying…There’s a lot of people that I see, they get up in the morning, they don’t give a fuck about what they fans think, they don’t give a fuck about what their managers think,” said the rapper. “I’m more so like a collaborative nigga. As far as like my fans. That’s why I let them affect me. That’s why I’ll listen to a fan, an honest opinion of ‘I don’t like that Wale.’ I wanna know why because I feel like my shit goes to four, five layers before nigga’s even hear it…It goes through so much. I feel a way if nigga’s don’t like it cause I already got it through so many levels. And I care about my fans. This tape is all for the fans.”

Wale’s Folarin mixtape was released today (December 24) and his next solo album is due out in early 2013.

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