Game and 50 Cent have publicly sparred for years, but behind the scenes, they’re still connected. During an interview with DJ Skee, the former G-Unit signee revealed that he had a hand in clearing Fif’s latest single “My Life” featuring Eminem and Adam Levine. Because Game shares the same management shingle with the Maroon 5 front man, Chuck Taylor got a preview of the track where 50 disses him.

“Let me tell you what I feel like happened, and I don’t know the story. But it sounds old because the new 50 don’t even rap like that. He dissed me and [Young] Buck, but I heard it and I thought it was pretty funny,” he said. “I’m so far removed from that beef that I pretty much had to laugh at it. I’m a big fan of Eminem so I like what he did. Adam is my dude. I helped clear that record for 50. Me and Adam got the same management, so people had to come see me and play the record. So I heard me get dissed before people heard it.”

Game cleared up any misconceptions about their business ties, though, stating that he hasn’t been connected to 50 on paper in a minute.

“The thing about that man is that people always say Game owes 50 money. I was signed to G-Unit for The Documentary only. After that album came out, 50, he made his money off The Documentary as he should have because he played a big instrumental role in its success. But from The Doctor’s Advocate on, it’s been all me, man. Interscope, grinding with Geffen. I got a good rapport and relationship with that building. I love my record label. So at the end of the day, it is what it is. 50, it’s really an old situation that needs to be hashed.”

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