This past September, Pitchfork Media found itself in hot water after they retracted a video interview featuring Chief Keef using a firearm, which violates the terms of his probation. Now, in a recent article from the Chicago Tribune, the courts have ordered the music publication hand over a copy of the video.

A judge has ordered Pitchfork Media to hand over the uncut version of its interview with Keef to the prosecuting lawyers in rapper’s probation violation case by Wednesday December 12. According to the report, the prosecution has been unable to view the video in question since Pitchfork pulled the video three months ago.

This mandate isn’t sitting well with the Chicago-based Internet publication, however. Lawyers representing Pitchfork Media claim that the order is a violation of the company’s First Amendment rights as a journalistic publication.



If found guilty of violating the terms of his probation by operating the firearm in the video, Chief Keef could face jail time.

DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light. Retracts Chief Keef Episode Of “Selector” Freestyle Series