From Pharrell to Kanye West, Clipse rapper Pusha T has aligned himself with some of Hip Hop’s most revered producers during his career. Now, in a recent interview with Le Black Et La Pume via You Heard That New, the Virginia emcee discussed the differences between both his frequent collaborators.

Pusha Ton said that while Skateboard P usually has his beats already pre-made prior to Pusha’s arrival at the studio, Kanye builds the full production around the artist’s recorded verse. Additionally, Pusha says that while both are perfectionists and hit-makers in their own rights, he feels that what makes Yeezy different is that he’s capable of tapping into what listeners want from a record.

“Kanye West, a lot of times, he gives me the skeleton of a beat,” he said. “He’ll play either a sample or he’ll play me like, just an idea and he’ll ask me to write a verse to what I like in that idea…I’ll lay that verse down on that part of the beat, and then he takes the record and creates around my verse, versus Pharrell, a lot of times, I’ll go into the studio and he already has the beat, and then I lay a verse to the beat and it’s a done deal.”

He added, “Both of these guys are perfectionists in their own right. Pharrell, I think he works a little bit off of feeling, and I think Kanye is a master of structure and a master of tapping in to knowing what people are going to reaction to and respond to. He’s really like a hit-maker and and having that knowledge of what’s going on in America and…the world and exploiting that.”

Check out the full interview below.

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