In a recent interview with Los Angeles’ Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Chris Brown was given time to clear the air regarding rumors. The singer was asked about his feud with Drake and reports about a Jay-Z confrontation. Brown explained that he can’t elaborate on the Drake story due to legal obligations but added that he and Jay were “cordial” to one another.

“The only reason I can’t talk about [the Drake situation] is because we’re dealing with legal stuff. You know I’m trying to get paid and not trying to give out no information. We don’t talk about other guys. We just focus on music.” 

When Big Boy pressed on and asked if he hit Drake or if Drake him him, Brown responded by saying he boxes.

“Nah. It’s none of that. I’m more reserved and I box…[Laughing] You know exactly what that means.” 

As the interview went on, Brown was also asked about an alleged confrontation between him and Jay-Z. Brown denied that any confrontation took place. Instead, he said the two were cordial to one another.

“No. No. No. Me and him had…had…um…It just was a lot of people. It’s like a green room, backstage, you come and say what up to everybody and it was cordial…It was real respectful. It was nothing like that.”

The interview can be seen below.

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