On November 6, 2012 Killer Mike took to the Collier Heights section of Adamsville, Georgia to cast his vote in the Presidential and local elections. Mike, clad in a signature, “I’m Glad Reagan Dead” t-shirt handled his civic business at the Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church. And as he explained in an exclusive video interview for HipHopDX, his choice goes deeper than electoral politics.

Killer Mike’s Familial Voting History And The Link To The Civil Rights Struggle

The same artist who made the poignant song “Reagan” on this year’s R.A.P. Music album explained his strong connection with his right to vote. “I vote because I feel like it’s a blood oath. My grandmother brought me here. She marched with Dr. [Martin Luther] King in Alabama, and she brought me here from the time I was about five years old. I’ve been at every poll with her, and she died this year. So this is my first time going to vote without her, and it was real emotional for me.” The Grind Time Rap Gang leader added a humorous note, “I was always considered to be a rebel. I used to park my car in the pastor’s wife’s spot, but now I don’t.”

Charter Schools, Legalized Marijuana And Issues On The Adamsville Ballot

Mike Bigga also acknowledged some key issues that matter to him in his video for HipHopDX. “I also smoke marijuana, and I’m interested in seeing certain things happen. I heard there may be a bill coming through in January of 2013 that legalizes marijuana and allows new industries to grow. So I’m going to be a supporter of that no matter who introduces it—Republican or Democrat.” Beyond legalizing marijuana in Georgia, Mike is focused on education. “I’m also interested in seeing schools improve. I did vote, contrary to some of my peers in regards to charter schools, because I think the public school system is going to shit. Maybe the threat of charter schools may help our public schools refrain from some of the gross mishandling of monies they’re doing. And maybe it’ll get all of us off standardized testing and more into a real, quality education for our children. I’m interested in seeing alternative schools pop up [besides] the traditional public schools we have that aren’t working.”

Killer Mike’s Advice On Local Voting And Convicted Felons

Killer Mike encouraged those who have lost their right to vote to attempt restoring that exercise. In the interim, he also suggested ways that those barred from the polls can make a difference. “I’m in the community. I’m out here for real, and I challenge other rappers to get out here. If you’re a felon, non-violent drug offender and you’ve lost your rights, please try to get your rights back. And if you’re not—you’re just out on Election Day—take an older person to the polls. Take a young person to the poll, help people get there, work on the campaign. Do something proactive in the community, and remember to vote local. All voting is local.”

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