Sean Price explained his views on Dr. Cornel West earlier this week, elaborating on his comments that he’s the “devil” and that he “drinks cow blood and fuck goats.” The scholar responded to the Duck Down rapper last night, taking to Twitter to state that he doesn’t harbor ill will towards him and that he should turn to Jesus if he feels he doesn’t believe in anything.

“In regard to my dear brother Sean P. — he has a right to be wrong. I am not “the Devil,” but a blessed child of God…and so is he,” he wrote. “I am sad that brother Sean P. trusts no one, and that he believes in nothing. My humble advice is to try Jesus or at least #Love!” Sean Mandela responded with a simple, “no doubt sir.”

He originally elaborated on his comments, stating that it doesn’t necessarily boil down to “It’s something about people who talk all that shit and all that, ‘We need to do this and we need to do that. I don’t trust nobody, I don’t believe nobody. I don’t think he’s intentionally poisoning us; he thinks he’s doing good but he’s a puppet like the rest of them.”

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