There is a digital music service that is making it easy to discover, listen to and share music. The new service, Rdio (pronounced Ar-dee-o) has millions of songs with on-demand access and a slogan that reads, “Human powered music discovery.” Listeners can search for and play any song in a database of more than 18 million tracks and have a community with friends and music-industry insiders. 

Promoted as a “music discovery” service that is “for the people, by the people,” Rdio allows listeners to discover new music from friends, critics, deejays and/or artists. Listeners can also explore playlists like the ones created by HipHopDX and enjoy them without any ads. 

Rdio is presently available on all devices, from phones to computers. Rdio also boasts that one can sync and listen to music even when not connected to the Internet. 

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