On Monday (October 22), Meek Mill released “Dreams and Nightmares Intro” off of his debut album of the same name.

“I’m just goin’ in like…using lyrical abilities, flows, energy,” he explained of the song in an interview with XXL. “Being aggressive, cocky. I start off like real calm and just talkin’ to ’em, really, over a beat.

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Meek explained how the second half of the song highlights the duality between dreams and nightmares. “And the second part, when it get to the nightmare part, I just start screaming, going bananas, to the top of my lungs. Stating facts and getting real arrogant and real disrespectful, just showing them both sides. I could be a dream, I could be a nightmare.”

“I’m just telling you my story, and how I got here,” he added.

Watch the interview below:

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