For many Hip Hop heads, Jedi Mind Tricks’ 2000 album Violent By Design is one of the crowning achievments of the then-burgeoning underground scene. Now, in a recent interview with Unkut, JMT frontman Vinnie Paz recalls the recording of the group’s seminal sophomore release.

Paz recalled the lo-fi ethis and extremely limited budget on which he, producer Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind and fellow emcee Jus Allah record the LP. He expalined that they actually recording the entire LP in Stoupe’s bedroom, which lacked any form of sound proofing, let alone a mic booth.

“Any little money we got back from The Amber Probe [EP], we were just using it to buy anything we needed for the studio. We bought a beat machine and an ADAT for Stoupe’s crib. A lot of people don’t know – we weren’t even in a fuckin’ real studio until Visions of Ghandi in 2003,” he said. “We recorded and mixed that in the bedroom. We didn’t even have anything sound-proofed and we had no mic booth. We just had to be quiet! It would be a fuckin’ 100 degrees outside and Stoupe would fuckin’ shut all the windows and turn the fan off so the mic wouldn’t pick anything up. It was like a thousand degrees in there bro! And we were smoking and drinking 40’s! You look back at those times and you think, ‘We were fuckin’ idiots!’”

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