It’s been 15 years since Missy Elliott released her breakout debut Supa Dupa Fly, an album that the rapstress thinks was far ahead of its time. During an interview with Fuse, Miss E. reminisced on the LP, stating that she thinks it’s a great LP because it took the sound of Hip Hop to the future.

“I consider Supa Dupa Fly a great album because everything about it,” she said. “You hadn’t heard it before, you hadn’t heard that sound. Even the rap flows were different. I think it was 10 years ahead, 15 years ahead. It’s funny, we did that album in two weeks.”

She said that she recently popped it in and took a trip down memory lane. “Oh shoot, I just actually listened to that album, I don’t even think it was a month ago,” she said. “I’m probably more in awe with it now then I was then. Then, it was like, this is cute but now, when I’m listening years later and seeing that there’s still no records like this album, I’m more in awe than I was then.”

Elliott also noted that the infamous music video helped sway listeners that didn’t understand the song. “With Hype Williams, ‘The Rain’ video was like a puzzle. Because if you didn’t get the record, once you saw the visual, it made all the sense in the world. It kind of told you who I was, not even just the record. it’s like, this girl’s finna be a character. She’s going to be something different.”

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