DMX recently spoke with MTV2’s Sucker Free about his time shooting the 1998 flick Belly with director Hype Williams. In a recently released clip from the interview (via RapFix), Dark Man X recalls how working with Williams on the video for “Get At Me Dog” inspired him to want to be part of Belly in its early phases.

“Hype Williams did my first video ‘Get At Me Dog,’ and at the end of the video, I’m eating and everything and he asked me if I wanted to be part of a movie.” His response to Williams was plain and simple: “Hell yeah.”

X also reminisced on shooting the film, and explained that his memory is a bit hazy surrounding being on set.

“I really don’t remember how I felt at the time,” he said. “You gotta remember also, during that whole movie, I’d eat an egg and cheese sandwich with turkey bacon in the morning, then I’d drink a bottle of Hennessy per day. That was the contents of my stomach everyday.”

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