Dave Lighty stopped by Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning to discuss the recent death of his brother Chris Lighty. During the interview, Lighty said that he doesn’t believe that Chris took his own life and that the family is now staging its own independent investigation.

“The rumors are justified. I believe so,” he said, confirming that an independent investigation is in the works. “I just feel like there’s a lot of unanswered questions. I was with my brother almost every day ’til the last couple of months because I was going to school. Nah, that’s not my brother. I know people all going through stressful times, everybody. Shit, the economy is terrible right now. But at the same time, Chris was the go-getter, the ultimate non-stopping machine. That’s just not something that I would see him putting on the rest of us.”

He said that the family is keeping the investigation private at the moment, but once they get to the bottom of it, they’ll go public with the truth. “Once everything gets out there, we’ll go to the public. But right now, we gotta keep things [quiet],” he said.

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