1.It has been close to eight months since DMX last appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, but despite that lengthy time frame his opinion on Young Money rapper/singer Drake has yet to change.

During his interview with the Breakfast Club back in February of this year, DMX shared his distaste for the Canadian artist by stating that he didn’t “like anything about Drake” including “the way he walks” and “his haircut.” Fast-forward to today’s interview and it seems that not much has changed.

“No, not at all. Not at all. I don’t think that’ll happen,” said DMX when asked if he had finally been converted into a Drake fan.

The Yonkers, New York rapper became noticeably irate and revealed that Drake was being “disrespectful” when the topic of Aaliyah’s posthumous album, which is allegedly executive produced by Drake, was brought up.

“Disrespectful, like that don’t even make sense. See that’s what I’m saying, you can’t do shit like that,” DMX explained in a video posted on Real Talk NY. “I wish it was like maybe seven years ago or maybe like 10 years ago where you know, catch him in the elevator, beat him up. Just to let ‘em know. It’s real son.”

DMX also spoke on his Undisputed album which after numerous delays was finally released earlier in the week on September 11.

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