It’s no secret that both Jay-Z and Beyonce have voiced their support for President Barack Obama over the past four years. Now, the musical power couple is looking to provide support for the POTUS in his upcoming bid for re-election.

According to Obama’s re-election website, Beyonce and Hov will be hosting a online fundraiser for the POTUS. Donors who contribute an amount of $3 or more will be automatically entered for a chance to meet President Obama, Beyonce and Jay-Z at a special event in New York City, with airfare and hotel costs covered.

In the past, both Jay-Z and Beyonce have publicly supported the Obama administration’s social and economic policies. The two have even lent their musical talents to Obama’s campaign, with Jay rocking free shows on the campaign trail and Beyonce singing at his inauguration.



Contributions to President Obama’s campaign can be made at his website.

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