In the past two weeks, two separate lawsuits have emerged stemming from Chris Brown and Drake’s notorious brawl at SoHo club W.i.P. Now, in recent report from the New York Post, a new suit has been served against the nightclub due to the scuffle.

Brooklyn resident Howard Clement has filed a suit against W.i.P. for injuries sustained during the fracas back in June. Clement was lacerated during the bottle-tossing affair and since has been suffering from migraines and is unable to sleep on his back or left side.

“We will fully evaluate the claim once we receive formal notice,” a representative from the club said.

As previously mentioned, this is the third lawsuit in the past month to come about in the aftermath of the battle. Two other club-goers and San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker have also filed multi-million dollar suits over the matter.

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