This past Tuesday August 14 marked the release of 2 Chainz’s highly anticipated G.O.O.D. Music debut Based On a T.R.U. Story, and while opinions on his effort may be mixed, it’s enough to generate a good conversation. Now, Complex takes the spotlight off 2 Chainz’s LP to discuss 25 of his favorite albums of all time. From Dungeon Family classics, to ’80s R&B, to even sleeper hits like Beanie Sigel’s The B. Coming, 2 Chainz comes through with a very thoughtful and all-encompassing list.

Check out Complex’s “2 Chainz’s 25 Favorite Albums”

If you’ve ever seen one of Action Bronson’s videos, it’s apparent that the Queens emcee is a fan of fine foods and smoking sticks like a walrus. That being said, it should come as no surprise that Bam-Bam has been hard at work in the kitchen cooking up a grilled branzino with a weed-infused olive oil vinaigrette. But that’s not all; the recent VICE Recordings signee gave Grub Street New York a deeper look into his diet, complete with blowfish and Chuck E. Cheese pizza. 

Check out Grub Street New York’s “Action Bronson Eats Blowfish at Morimoto, Pot-Infused Branzino at Home”

While Q-Tip may have a good point in arguing that music “moves in cycles,” it’s next to impossible to argue the same for most anything else. Case in point: Complex’s recent list “50 Rap Lyrics that Sound Incredibly Outdated Today.” From Skypagers to Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, Hip Hop is riddled with lines about clothing lines at car companies that have gone the way of the dinosaurs and New Jack Swing. Still, if you’re looking for a trip down memory lane, Complex has you covered.

Check out Complex’s “50 Rap Lyrics That Sound Incredibly Outdated Today”

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