Killer Mike most recently dropped off his new album R.A.P. Music, and he’s got three more LPs in the works. During an interview with Montreality, Mike Bigga revealed that he has plans to release a sequel to his latest album, as well as The Elegant Elephant and Pledge 4.

“People know I’ve been talking about this project for like a year called The Elegant Elephant, and I really want to do that,” he said. “And I want to do R.A.P. Music 2 and I want to do Pledge 4. So that’s like three solo albums I gotta work on.”

He expressed the desire to collaborate with Nas, given that he’s already duetted with everyone from Bun B to Outkast. Mike also revealed plans to hit the studio with Scarface in the near future.

“Nas is that guy. I’ve gotten in the lab with Ice Cube, I’ve gotten in the lab with Bun B, gotten in the lab with Jay-Z, Big Boi, Dre, and I’ll say let me tie that. Nas and Scarface. Scarface I’ma bout to get in the lab with.”

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