It’s been almost a month since OFWGKTA crooner Frank Ocean publicly came out as bisexual, and the news is still reverberating throughout the world of Hip Hop. Now in a recent interview with The Grio, Atlanta rapper Killer Mike discussed the topic and cleared up a recent Tweet he made about Ocean’s revelatory letter.

Mike explained that his Tweet was not meant to criticize Frank Ocean’s sexuality. Rather, he wanted to highlight the hypocrisy he sees in some black women who disparage heterosexual black men for their promiscuity when failing to take into consideration their own sexual health. He went on to empashize that he feels no enmity towards any person based on their sexuality, adding that some of his closest family members were openly gay.

“[The Tweet] wasn’t in reference to Frank Ocean. It was in reference to black women,” he said. “Black women tend to be overly celebratory about things that directly or could directly affect them in a harmful way. I watch black women on Twitter malign heterosexual black men who they view as promiscuous…yet it’s harder for a woman to give HIV to a man than it is for a man to give it to a woman. I watch the same women celebrate bisexuality in a black man. I don’t judge bisexuality or homosexuality; to each his own. I grew up under wonderful gay uncles who are the reason why I went to Morehouse, the reason why I have certain fashion sensibilities. They are the ones that gave me culture because my dad and stepdad were just manly kind of men. Artistically and culturally I am who I am because of my gay uncles.”

He continued, “That being said we have to admit that when engaging in anal sex, it carries a higher risk for something. So I am just amazed when I see black women who just castigate their heterosexual partners to dirt level, celebrate gay and bisexual in a way that is almost exclusive of how their distrustful they are of black women. They look down on black women and say that ‘I’m not a whore,’ but all these other whores are. In how they look down on heterosexual men who are traditionally their partners, but they celebrate somehow another group of man that supposedly will never betray them and seek their heterosexual partner…I support Frank Ocean’s freedom to be who he is. I congratulate Frank Ocean. I feel that my gay uncles would be ashamed of me to be anything else. With that said, I’m not ever going to let black women who don’t let us off the hook, off the hook. I’m not going to let sisters who are the highest growing population of HIV cases off the hook either.”

The original Tweet can be seen below.

With all our congrats to Mr. Ocean. Black Women still have growing HIV rates. Demand a test & to know if your man is Bi. Be safe sisters.
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