Tony Yayo has responded to 50 Cent’s widely publicized comments that he “disabled” Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo by handling much of their promotion, thereby rendering them lazy about their careers.

Taking to Twitter, Yayo acknowledged Fif’s comments but blamed the media for trying to pull G-Unit apart. “GPG 5 you fucking with the best man these other rap niggas is fantasy life and shout out to the haters keep your hate up,” he wrote. “Why would I blow shots at 50 the media want see Gunit fail so bad we won to much in front of niggas everybody running with our format.”

Last week, 50 explained that he’s at fault for not communicating with his fellow group members, but acknowledged how he negatively impacted their current work ethic. “I actually haven’t spoke to ‘em very much. I’m to fault for that, though. I think I disabled them,” he said. “I did so much for them that they don’t have a continuous work ethic. They got both of those tapes out there, but did you see any visuals? Anything? There’s certain things that the new guy is doing to create momentum or energy. They just sit there and wait. When someone works for you, you have the habit of dealing with things by not dealing with them. You may get in the regimen of coming over and doing it for them.”

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