Beastie Boys have filed suit against Monster Energy Corp. over the unlicensed use of their songs “Sabotage,” “So Whatcha Want” and “Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun” in a promotional campaign.

According to E! News, Monster used the songs without properly licensing them in an ad for its 2012 Ruckus in the Rockies event, posted in May. The video is “comprised substantially of excerpts from the Beastie Boys Sound Recordings and the Beastie Boys Musical Compositions totaling more than three minutes in duration,” reads the complaint.

“The text accompanying Monster’s internet postings, video and MP3 conveyed to consumers the impression that Beastie Boys permitted the use of their name and intellectual property, and participated in connection with Monster’s promotion of its products and events,” the suit argues.



Beastie Boys are seeking unspecified damages for intellectual property violations and alleged copyright infringement.

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