Last year, Mac Miller scored a surprise hit with his debut studio LP Blue Slide Park. Now, in a recent interview with MTV, the Pittsburgh emcee discussed his plans for his sophomore effort.

Mac revealed that he’s already 20 records deep into his second as-of-yet untitled release and he’s hoping to have it out by the top of 2013. He explained that he’s approaching the project from a more personal angle and that it will be “a trip into [his] head.” He added that while debuting at number one with Blue Slide Park was great, his last concern with this project is numbers.

“The second album, I’m hoping to get it out early next year,” he said. “I have, like, 22 records that could be on an album right now. Obviously, I can’t make it that long, because with the youth and their A.D.D. problem. I am so excited about that. I think that I’m really onto something with this next album, and I think I’m really creating an album that expresses more of where I’m at right now mentally.”

He continued, “Making history was awesome; I don’t care about that with this album. I don’t care if we go #1, I don’t care about selling records. That shit is awesome, but this album, I just need to do something different. It’s gonna be awesome, and it’s gonna be a trip into my head.”

Check out the full interview below.

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