In 2004, Jay-Z and R. Kelly’s tour in support of The Best of Both Worlds and Unfinished Business infamously fell apart. In October 2004, R. Kelly stopped in the middle of a performance in New York’s Madison Square Garden, leaving the stage and later claiming that men were waving guns at him. R. Kelly later filed a $75 million lawsuit against Hov for removing him from the tour.

Despite all the drama, R. Kelly says that he still listens to Jay’s music. “Absolutely; huge fan,” said Kelly in an interview with MTV News.

“I love a good marriage — I love love. Anything that works for me, anything that feels good to my soul, that feels like this is what I should do, I’m gonna do it,” continued Kelly. “I don’t care what it is, who it’s with. As long as it’s positive and it works for both parties, I’m with it.”

Kelly added that he enjoyed Watch The Throne, the collaborative project between Jay-Z and Kanye West, and that he “still listen[s] to Jay’s stuff.”

Watch the interview below:

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