Back in 2001, Jay-Z performed his scathing diss track “Takeover” at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, putting a picture of a childhood Prodigy dressed in a leotard and sparkly jacket on the screen. After suggesting that Ashanti had a hand in acquiring the picture in his book, P stopped by Power 105’s Breakfast Club earlier this morning to explain that the flick was actually taken from a program his grandmother made for a performance at Carnegie Hall.

“That came from my grandmother’s program. Every year, she did a concert at Carnegie Hall in Lincoln Center and she would do this program booklet for the families and kids that were in the school,” he said. “Of course, she had her grandson in there and I thought I was Michael Jackson back in the day, so I had my Mike getup on and all of that. That’s where that picture came from.”

He also said that he’s got plans to drop two books in the upcoming months. The first will be titled H.N.I.C. and be released in e-book and audiobook form, while the second will be an autobiography that recounts his three-year bid in prison.

“Yeah, I actually got two books about to drop. I got one with the album, called H.N.I.C. It’s actually a script that I wrote after Murda Muzik, the first script that I wrote. So it’s the follow-up movie to that, and I turned it into the book. It’ll be an e-book and audio book first, and then we’ll shoot the movie for it. And the second book I got coming in a couple of months will be my next autobiography and it’ll basically be about my prison experience and the three years I been in prison and the transformation I went through an dealing with inmates and COs.”

Watch the full interview below, where he addresses rumors of being with Rihanna, his current standing with Havoc and more.

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