Yesterday, Prodigy told Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg that he capitalized off of the publicity surrounding Havoc’s alleged Twitter hack once he saw the potential for exposure. During an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, he pointed the finger at disgruntled employees who worked with Mobb Deep and how they tend to orchestrate similar stunts around album release time.

“It’s bogus. Every time I drop a solo album, it seems like this rumor always surfaces that we’re [beefing],” he said. “It’s just people talking crazy and it’s usually people that are around us, directly around us. To me, I know the last time I put out the first H.N.I.C. record, we had a similar incident with a few people around us that felt we should have been doing more for them and wasn’t, so they started going around and saying, ‘They broke up! Mobb Deep is over,’ and it wasn’t true. He was basically a disgruntled employee.”

He said that Mobb Deep is solid and that they’re currently working on new music. He also said that the group would never break up.



“I think yeah, it has something to do with a few people around us. But you should be able to tell with time. Mobb Deep, we’re never going to break up. That’s not going to happen.”

Listen to the interview below (via NR).

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