Rhymefest put Chief Keef and Interscope on blast in a blog post last week, writing that the Chicago, Illinois rapper’s lyrics are glorifying violence. During an interview with WGCI’s The Morning Riot (via FSD), ‘Fest clarified his statements, explaining that Keef’s music is a negative reflection of Chicago at the moment and that you “can’t blame the bomb” for what the city is producing.

“I meant to say what I said. It’s really not about Chief Keef as much as it is about exploitation,” he said. “It’s no coincidence that one of the most violent periods that Chicago has ever seen, that this is what represents us musically. This is what represents us as a people. We have a history here and then when we get to senseless violence, the prison industrial complex is real.”

He said that he doesn’t have anything against a particular kind of music, but that his problem is rooted in the amount of violent songs that are getting released.

“I don’t have anything against any particular kind of music. My problem is the imbalance of the music that we get. So if all of the diet of the music that you get is kill kill kill and we’re going to glorify that, then that’s what we are conditioning our shorties and they’ll never end. They’ll do it, they’ll sing about it, they’ll rap about it and that’ll be it.”

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