Pioneering Hip Hop trio The Fat Boys’ 1984 debut self-title album featured band members Prince Markie Dee, Kool Rock-Ski and the late Buff Love eyeing up various snacks on the cover, including a pizza. Now, the Sutra Records release, produced by Kurtis Blow, is being reissued in a pizza box.

On July 10, TPA Records will release the Fat Boys reissue including hits “Fat Boys” and “Can You Feel It?.” In addition to the album’s seven original tracks, three bonus cuts will be included, as well as interviews, including a Mr. Magic Rap Attack Promo.A promotional sticker, extended liner notes and rare photos complete the reissue packaging.

Previously, The Fat Boys have released several compilations of their work, including Original Fat Boys Archives: Fat Boys On Rewind, a 2-disc set. Kool Rock-Ski and Prince Markie Dee still perform under the group moniker, and have released their own coffee.



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