In a recent interview, 50 Cent spoke with Power 92 to discuss a variety of topics including his take on Chief Keef. Giving props to the young rapper, 50 acknowledged that he has heard music that has a “hard edge.” He also had less than kind words for Diddy. Fif noted that Diddy became Rick Ross’ “buddy” only because his last album as Dirty Money “was garbage.”

“He got that kind of energy,” 50 told the station regarding Chief Keef’s music. “He feels street. The things that I’ve heard from him had a hard edge to it. It might be cool [to work with him].”

He was then asked about his beefs. On Ja Rule, he mentioned that he has no desire to mend ties. 
“Nah,” he said of making peace. 

Later in the interview, 50 noted that he feels Diddy’s relationship with Rick Ross is only due to the fact that his last album “was garbage.” 

“That Last Train in Paris project sent Puff to be Rick’s buddy because that shit was garbage. It’s the truth.” 
He also opened up about his former G-Unit allies who are now no longer with his crew.
“I’ve spent the last five years going, ‘What’s the matter with them?’ I haven’t spoken to anyone.” 

Fans can expect 50’s next album to feature beats from Havoc, Dr. Dre and others.