Months after Atlanta rapper Pill released the DJ Holiday hosted The Epidemic mixtape, the rapper already has plans on releasing another mixtape which is expected to drop in the very near future. The mixtape will be titled Over The Counter Drugs and earlier this week “Fa Sum,” a single featured on the project made its way onto the internet.

Pill spoke on OTCD as well as “Fa Sum” during an interview with 3 Little Digs.

“My next upcoming project Is Over The Counter Drugs, hosted by Black Bill Gates. OTCD for short cause everybody’s into the abbreviations or whatever and I think it’s kinda cool as well,” Pill explained. “But it’s just another mixtape and me giving you quality material. I just released a track, a single from it. It’s called ‘Fa Sum.’ That’s ATL slang in case you didn’t know. It’s short for ‘for something.’ It’s like a slang term that originated from gambling.”

The rapper also gave an update on the status of the project and revealed that he’s pushing for a July release date for OTCD.

“It’s probably like 70 percent done,” said Pill. “I’ve got a few more tracks to record on it. It’s gonna be epic. It’s gonna be great in my opinion. But I’m not gonna blow it up too much because you know people can jinx themselves when they brag about things they do a little bit too much. But I think it’s quality music [like] all my projects have been. And you guys can be looking for that probably early July.”

Studio Life: Pill Discusses New Project – Over the Counter Drugs from 3 Little Digs on Vimeo.

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