While in the midst of mounting his comeback, D’Angelo has had time to reflect on his often-tumultuous journey through music.

In an interview with GQ, the crooner discussed having recurring dreams about one of his influences: Marvin Gaye.

After Gaye died at the age of 44, D’Angelo began having recurring dreams about Marvin. Eventually, after getting signed, D’Angelo had his final dream about the singer. “I was following him as a grown man,” he revealed. “He was a bit heavier, and he had the beard. He was naked, and all I could see was his back and that cap he used to wear all the time. And he got into this whirlpool Jacuzzi with his wife and his daughter and his little son, and that’s when he turns around and looks at me. And he goes, ‘I know you’re wondering why you keep dreaming about me.’ And I woke up.”

D’Angelo also addressed the negative side of becoming a sex symbol after his video for “Untitled (How Does It Feel?),” showing the then-muscular (and nearly naked) artist singing about making love. 

“One time I got mad when a female threw money at me onstage, and that made me feel fucked-up, and I threw the money back at her,” recalled the “Devil’s Pie” singer, who could not avoid shows where women insisted he take his clothes off. “I was like, ‘I’m not a stripper.'”

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