LRG Clothing recently caught up with the producer behind Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like” Young Chop to discuss his recent work with Kanye West on the song’s remix. Chop said that while he didn’t actually get to meet Yeezy himself, he did get to witness the recording of Big Sean’s verse for the remix while visiting Los Angeles. Chop also said that while he and Keef are happy with the remix’s success, they aren’t going to let it get to their heads.

“The ‘Three Hunna’ song is good, but we had a song that came after that [‘I Don’t Like’], and it reached Kanye West’s attention, so it brought him in,” he said. “He called and said send the record so we can get on the remix…I ain’t even heard [Kanye’s] verse. I heard Big Sean ‘cus I walked in [to the session] as soon as I got to L.A. – the first day, as soon as I touched down, went and was dropped off at the house and went straight to the studio…so I was in there while he was recording that.”

He added, “I like the record and it’s okay that it’s ‘popular,’ but – and there’s a but on that – we could lose this tomorrow if we don’t keep working right. That’s why I gotta stay on point, that’s why I gotta gave good people around me, so we’re just gonna keep working.”

Check out the full interview below.

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