Tired of rumors regarding hair loss, Jadakiss has decided to grow his hair out. The LOX veteran recently spoke with MTV2’s Sucker Free show about why he has decided to grow his hair out and why he’s going to keep it long as a sign of respect to an incarcerated friend.

“One of my reasons for growing it was that a lot of people think my hair couldn’t grow,” ‘Kiss explained. “Then I wanted to do a new look with a new album. The ladies say they like it. My mom said she likes it.” 

One of the people who didn’t believe Jadakiss could grow his hair out was his mother.

“My mom didn’t think I could grow hair. I was like, ‘ma, c’mon. What’s wrong with you?’ I had a bald head for so long, people think it was by force, not by choice. But we gonna switch it up,” he added.

Jada also went on to explain that he is doing it as a sign of respect for an incarcerated friend.  

“Plus my right hand man is locked up: K Rosewood. He ain’t here,” Jada noted. “That’s one of my goals, besides keeping him on the dog tag, I got my hair.” 

Jadakiss is releasing his latest mixtape, Consignment, on April 27.

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