Kendrick Lamar was fortunate to have seen Tupac Shakur—albeit briefly—before the controversial emcee, poet and actor died in 1996. In an MTV interview conducted by Rahman Dukes, K-Dot explained that he caught a few glimpses of ‘Pac and Dr. Dre while part of the original “California Love” video was being shot in his hometown.

“It was almost live because he was shooting a video on Rosecrans in Compton with [Dr.] Dre for the original ‘California Love’ video,” Kendrick said. “I actually got to see him perform just a little bit before they shut that shit down…before it got too crazy.”

In addition to his own solo set the Top Dawg Entertainment emcee performed his new single “The Recipe” with Dr. Dre. He said Dre confirmed the rumors of a Tupac hologram that had been circulating days before their Coachella performance, but seeing it in person was both “crazy” and “organic.”

There were rumors of a similar Nate Dogg hologram being used at Coachella, but ultimately Tupac’s was the only such performance. But Nate’s longtime recording partner, Warren G (who also knew Tupac personally), said he would be open to such a performance in the future. Warren G further went on to say Sean “Diddy” Combs might be just the one to orchestrate a tour featuring some of Hip Hop’s fallen legends in hologram form.

Watch the full MTV interview below.

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