Rapper Big Pooh has been working on several projects. Recently he sat down with The Well Versed and 2DopeBoyz to discuss two of those upcoming efforts. He first shared the vision he and Roc C have for their work, explaining why they wanted to get only one or two producers in the mix. Then, he talked about his work with Nottz, adding that it has taken them some time to finally record. 

On his work with Roc C, Pooh acknowledged that they previously recorded “a lot of material,” but added that they wanted to go with a new formula.

“We had a lot of material but we just felt that we wanted to really find one or two producers and then just me and [Roc C] be in the studio together to go to work,” he noted. 

With Nottz, the journey was different. The two friends took some time before hitting the booth but they have finally linked up for that collaborative project. 

“Me and Nottz, we’ve actually been cool since the world found out about us,” he explained. “We’ve always had a mutual friendship or whatever…It just took for both of us to finally be like, ‘Yo, let’s just get it done.’ So, a couple of weeks ago, two weeks ago to be exact, we decided to get it done.” 

For his project, Pooh said that only artists from Virginia are invited.

Home Sweet Home is the name of the project. A lot of people don’t know I’m actually from Virginia. I’m not from North Carolina. I was born and raised in Virginia for 18 years before I finally moved to North Carolina for school…The theme I’m trying to stick to with this record is only Virginia artists participating on this project.”
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