Ethiopian-American Hip Hop group CopperWire is getting ready to take listeners on sci-fi inflicted musical journey this April. The trio – comprised of members Gabriel Teodros, Meklit Hadero and Burntface – have inked a deal with Porto Franco Records and is preparing the release of their debut LP Earthbound.

According to a recent press release, CopperWire is set to release their space-based concept album this April 17. The album finds the three members taking on different roles in their Hip Hop space opera, with Gabriel as a half-alien, half human, Burntface as a scientist and Meklit as a cosmic traveller.

“We’re going to Earth for the first time to learn about what being human means,” said Teodros of the concept album.

In other news, Oakland rapper 4two7 is preparing the release of his debut LP Internal Dialogue. A veteran talent manager for the likes of Jake One, Planet Asia and Maroon 5, 4two7 explains that while this LP may be his first offering as an artist, he’s always had his hand in the music side of the industry.

“I’ve always written songs as opposed to just raps for rap’s sake,” he said. “Managing the producers and rappers that I have over the years and having those A&R meetings and seeing some things work and some things fail, I’ve learned that a great song is the key to the game…now I’m coming back to what I love, why I got into the music business in the first place, to fill a huge void that I feel is out there.”

Internal Dialogue is set for an April 27 release, featuring the likes of Fashawn, Planet Asia and more. The full tracklist can be seen below.

1. Reasons feat. Bloe (Produced by EAT Machine)

2. Here I Come (Produced by Bobby Ozuna for Fith Estate Music Group)

3. Butta On Ya Muffintop (Produced by EAT Machine)  

4. Comedy Central feat. Casual (Produced by EAT Machine, Scratches by DJ Walt Liquor)  

5. Hero (Produced by Veterano)  

6. Stand Up (Produced by EAT Machine)

7. I Luv The Way (Produced by Bedrock)  

8. Makes Me Weak feat. Yuro (Produced by EAT Machine)    

9. Time To Bring It Back feat. Killa Ben, Planet Asia, & Tristate (Produced by Veterano)

10. The Stage feat. Fashawn (Produced by EAT Machine)

11. Get Away From The Door (Produced by Bobby Ozuna for Fith Estate Music Group)

12. Pillow feat. Twist & Bloe and Reggie Reginald III (Produced by EAT Machine)

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