Sacramento, California veteran emcee Gift Of Gab, founding member of Quannum Projects and duo Blackalicious revealed in a statement that he’s suffered from kidney failure recently.

“About seven weeks ago I went into kidney failure. I hadn’t eaten in days, checked in to a hospital, and was diagnosed,” revealed the “Alphabet Aerobics” writer. “I started dialysis five weeks ago. If I can leave you with a message to take away from this, it’s to take care of yourself and do not take your health for granted. We think we’re invincible but we’re all human and our actions catch up to us. The upside to this is I have a donor that has stepped up for which I am very grateful,” he noted, referring to an upcoming kidney transplant.

Gab noted that he is able to perform, just as he and Chief Xcel did in last week’s South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. “I’ve had the phenomenal support of family and friends without whom I don’t know where my mind would be. I consider myself to be an extremely blessed person with a lot to be thankful for. There’s still a lot of appointments to be made and work to be done. There are still a lot of factors to be dealt with, but the dialysis center has given me the go ahead to do one-off shows.”

Looking to March 27th’s The Next Logical Progression, Gab stated, “It’s some of my best work if I do say so myself. In addition to my own album, Blackalicious is working on our next full length album. So today, life is good. I wanna thank all my fans for all your support, and trust me when I say ‘the best is still yet to come.'”

Blackalicious’ last album was 2005’s The Craft.