After conquering Hip Hop, R&B, television and the Super Bowl, there isn’t much that Cee Lo Green hasn’t accomplished. But now, word is that the Goodie Mob/Gnarls Barkley alum is planning to pen his memoirs.

According to a recent report from Billboard, Green and co-author, Rolling Stone writer David Wild, will release the ATLien’s memoirs this 2013. The as-of-yet untitled autobiography, which was picked up by Grand Central Publishing, will also feature contributions about Cee Lo’s life from his Goodie Mob partner Big Gipp.

“He dresses in sequined capes, performs with the Muppets and Madonna, and does 360° flips with a grand piano at his fingertips. Imagine all that outrageously unique and creative talent channeled into a book,” said Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Paperbacks at Grand Central Publishing Beth de Guzman.

In a press release regarding the book deal, Cee Lo stated, “FORGET YOU? After reading my book, there will be no doubt that I am meant to be. You will enter into the supernatural, the surreal, and extraordinary. As CeeLo Green, a.k.a. ‘everybody’s brother,’ I will make you a believer. I talk about art imitating life; YOU discover CRAZY.” 

DX will keep you updated as more information on the book’s release comes to light.

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