Earlier today, Hip Hop fans convened at the Filmore music hall to celebrate the life and legacy of the late J Dilla. Now, one of New York’s finest, DJ Spinna, weighs in on Dilla’s musical career and his five favorite songs from the Slum Village alum.

In a recent interview Fuse, Spinna listed his five favorite songs from J Dilla. The New York veteran and former Fat Beats employee named classic tracks like Common’s “Thelonious” and Black Star’s “Little Brother,” which took his number one spot on the list.

On “Little Brother,” Spinna commented, “This was Dilla’s homage to Pete Rock, one of his biggest influences. He re-flipped a Roy Ayers sample once used by Pete, but he absolutely murdered it the second time around. The parts of the record he used was so clever, genius and unmatched 10 years later. Legend had it that it took him a day to make this beat. It sounds so simple, but it’s really not.”

Check out the full list over at Fuse

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