Potholes in My Blog recently caught up with Fashawn to discuss his highly anticipated sophomore release The Ecology. The Fresno emcee spoke about collaborating with his long-time collaborator and Boy Meets World producer Exile on his second album. He explained that they’re relationship on the record has progressed since his ’09 debut, and that the two almost have a final tracklist ready.

“[The Ecology] is coming together really incredible, man,” he explained. “Exile has progressed so much since the last time we worked together, and I just feel like it’s an honor to work with him again. Just to see him grow as a producer, and to hear him grow as a lyricist, for us to reunite is real special. The music is coming out incredible, I just can’t wait for The Ecology to be complete. We’re almost to the tracklist, you know, almost. We still got a few more songs to do, but yeah, The Ecology is comin’ together real nice…There’s a little pressure [with the album], but it’s good pressure. People wanted me to do good, and to perform at an even better level. Actually, I enjoy the challenge, it fuels me to make better music at a level where everyone can receive it.”

Fash also spoke about the birth of his daughter following the release of his debut LP and the experience becoming a father. He explained that being a father is a wonderful thing, and that now his daughter’s relying on him, it makes recording music that much more meaningful.

“I think it’s affected me more as a man than anything, you know. But as an artist, I definitely dabble on that topic a little more,” he explained. “That’s my everyday life when I’m at home with my daughter, so you know, sometimes I touch on it from that perspective. It’s a beautiful thing though, I’m not just doin’ this for me anymore, now it’s for the fam. It’s for the feed. I could be doing a lot of other things, but I choose to be doing this. It’s for her. That’s how I feed her.”

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