Mystikal has pleaded guilty to sexual battery and no contest to the charge of extortion last week before a Baton Rouge, Louisiana judge. Mystikal also known as Michae Tyler, Leland “Poke” Ellis and Vercy “V” Carter were charged with aggravated assault and extortion of a forty year old woman who they believed illegally cashed a check on Mystikal’s account.

The woman was said to have known Mystikal because she braided his hair several times. Mystikal’s attorney J. David Bourland told MTV, “We entered a true best-interest plea. Saying we don’t agree that he’s guilty of anything in that regard….We will accept that [plea] on the basis that probation is guaranteed for that particular matter.” The charge of sexual battery with the infirmed carries a sentence of possible probation was allowed instead of sexual battery, which carries a sentence of two or more years. “When people might be thinking different things at that time, it’s what we call a ‘stupor’ or ‘infirmed,’ because the decision-making process might be somehow tainted or somehow impinged upon at that moment,” Mystikal’s lawyer explained the difference between the two. Mystikal has been given five years probation for the extortion charge but he will return back to court on September 25th for sentencing on the sexual battery charge.