Best Buy Music Gear recently caught up with Tech N9ne while performing in Minneapolis, Minnesota to talk about his illustrious career. During the interview, the Kansas City, Missouri emcee recalled how he teamed up with former furniture businessman Travis O’Guin to launch his widely successful indie imprint Strange Music. Tech explained that he and O’Guin met at a fashion show where Tech was performing, and after sitting down and talking with each other, the two set out to launch the label together.

“I was doing a fashion show for some guys that Travis [O’Guin] was funding, Paradise Originals clothing,” he explained. “I performed a song called ‘Planet Rock’ [at the show] and I guess Travis was there, and right after that, they said he wanted to meet with me at his house. I went to his house, he said he was a big fan, [he asked] what [kind of support] did I need to do something really huge [in music], I said a lot, he said [he] had a lot. The Strange Music…symbol came out of my head’s I’m a big Doors fan, [like the songs] ‘People Are Strange,’ ‘Strange Days,’ and it started like that.”

Tech also spoke on what he feels will be his lasting legacy in Hip Hip. He said above all, he wants to be remembered as a musical innovator and an artists that took Hip Hop to an entirely different level of quality.

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“[What I want my legacy to be is] that I tired my hardest to be the innovator, I tried my hardest to push people to do the best they can do lyrically because I do the best that I can do,” he said. “I just want people to know that I did everything to heighten Hip Hop, to take it to another level and say, ‘Yeah, he did that; he made us all say look at him and say what the hell is that?’ I want to be that guy.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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