Former Death Row Records photographer Simone Green has announced the release of her upcoming book Time Served On Death Row Records: My Days and Nights, due January 13, 2012.

The book is described as “a sincere diagnosis from top to bottom” of one of Hip Hop’s most iconic labels. Time features first-person accounts of Green’s experiences at the imprint as well as never-before-seen pictures of Suge Knight, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Warren G, 2Pac and more.

Read an excerpt and check out a trailer of the book below, and head over to the book’s Facebook page.

Alone in his office Suge said, “I want you to do everything we got going on. If we go out of town or do an awards show. Whatever we do I want you to do the photography. I want you to be the Chief of Photography.” Yeah, so I heard.

“Also, I want you to go out and buy 10 small cameras that you can disperse to different people in the company and they can report back to you with whatever they get.” He even said, “If somebody gets a beat down they’ll get that on film. Whatever might happen we’ll have it on film.”

I wasn’t sure what that was really about, control issues maybe, the important thing about this moment was that Suge Knight, Godfather of the hottest thing happening, wanted visuals of everything happening in his realm, and he just put me in charge of it all, I was officially on Death Row…..and life was good………….

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